© 2013-2016. Holiday Business Group. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notice. Weekly Pot-luck BBQ Our BBQ is ready for all the marina guests. Every Friday evening, most guests get together for a congenial potluck BBQ, dear to international cruisers. Charcoal is ready, just bring anything to BBQ and some dish to share. A great time to swap stories and have a great time! Dinner and Game/Quiz/Movie night   Often cruisers organize a dinner (ordering pizzas or roasted chicken from Babak) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays evening.  Afterwards some games, quiz or movie night follows! If musicians around, music jamming is on! Any other ideas? Propose and organize it! Scooter rentals  Like to drive around Samal island and visit the waterfalls and other interesting sites ... Take a ride on the uncrowded local roads. See the sights at your own pace! Snorkeling and Scuba Diving  You can snorkel on the coral reefs just outside the marina or you can go with any local tour operator to snorkel or scuba along Samal island and her small islets. Shopping and Entertainment in Davao City   Davao City is a 1 million+ city with a vibrant economy. The city host a plethora of shopping and entertainment options. From cosmopolitan Mega-malls with luxury stores and Imax theaters to local bazaars with inexpensive fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat markets. From fancy international restaurants to fast food and local street-side food stalls. Sometimes, for a birthday or any special occasion, cruisers go out for dinner at The Vikings, the biggest buffet in the Philippines ... Great food at great prices! From Health salons to bicycle repairs ... Choices are infinite! Inexpensive transportation by taxis, buses, jeepneys, motorcycles and tricycles. Book an hotel in your price range and enjoy the nightlife. Tours & Attractions around Davao City  You have several points of interests around Davao City that can be visited during a day-trip. You can rent a car or use public transportation ... or like some cruisers, you can even have your own transportation and explore the area by yourself or even the whole of the Philippines. Your imagination is the limit! snorkeling and scuba around Samal island Friday potluck BBQ Wednesday Filipino dinner one of the shopping malls in Davao City jeepney numerous restaurants in Davao City touring Samal island touring Samal island one of the many types of public transport Friday potluck BBQ Wednesday Filipino dinner scooter rentals interior of one of the shopping malls in Davao City Welcome to Davao City