from Mike on SV Silverthorne - April 2013 I think this place far exceeds my expectations and that, in my experience, is a rarity. As you view the plan of the marina the gate is not only a means of keeping debris out but with a net across the entry makes the marina into a sort of fish farm. There are many bass and other fish visible here in the clear clean water. Swimming is off the boat or docks with portable metal ladders available to make getting out of the water a civilized event. Every few slips has a ladder available in easy reach. The construction of the place has not been on the cheap! The boat storage and haul area is heavy concrete. As pictured, the docks and fingers are floating concrete all well finished. Each slip has a three prong electrical connection for your heavy electrical connection as well as a faucet with fully abundant water for tank filling or boat wash down. The top of the enclosing jetty is planted with grass and plantings. The staff and security are friendly and very compliant with the slightest wish. Management and owner have quickly incorporated suggestions from tenants for making the place even more user friendly. The shop - work- fabrication area is clean and organized without trash or clutter of components scattered about. There is periodically a little tool noise from the shop but there is no shipyard noise, clatter, grimy dust and pollution. All trades are available especially for paint, fiberglass and stainless fabrication. The two-level clubhouse has male and female fully tiled and spacious bathrooms on both levels. These are kept spotlessly clean and toilets flush like a proper set of plumbing should. Down stairs are M/F showers in a secure locked room also very hygienically maintained. Each tenant gets their own key. Next are the honor - pay washing machines and dryer with soaps etc available by honor system signature on the shelf. Upstairs are a refrigerator with choice of beers and soft drinks again by honor system accounting of purchase. Included are two freezers where food can be kept or bottles frozen for on board ice or ice water (free). Security is very high and there are no idle strangers wandering about. (...) Haul (in/out) on top flight equipment is flat rate for over 20 feet at 10,000 Pesos. Cats TRis or large monohulls; no problem! Cruisers have self organized events such as barbecues, game-night, movies and other events as they come. Davao ,the city, is trash and graffiti free. There are major malls and shopping for all things especially food at a huge Guisanos (G - Mall) and other major malls. Quality medical and dental are available. There is galvanizing available. There is a marina owned shuttle scheduled three times a day that goes to the ferry landing. The road is VERY rough for the first three KM then is good concrete. The wait for the ferry seldom exceeds half an hour. Return transportation can be set up by good timing or working with the office. Taxi, bus, and jeepney are waiting at the ferry landing on the city side. Motor bikes and tri' on the island side. I am very glad to be here with theses services and I can keep Silverthorne in or out of the water if I'm not able to be around. Come on down, the water is fine! Luc & Jackie on s/v Sloepmouche - September 2012 Hi Ellen and Kjartan, Very happy to hear that the send-off went very well and that we all acted the professional sailors we are :) It is nice to feel appreciated both in the Philippines and Indonesia by the local population as well as the local governments ... quite a difference with the attitude in Europe, US and Australia! Good for you! (...) We all arrived safely in Talaud. We all mostly motorsailed close-hauled as the wind was not very strong (except in a few memorable rain squalls!) and we all wanted to get here in time for the local activities. The seas were often confused and uncomfortable but all around it was not too bad. (...) The local people and officials have been wonderful so far! A local boat with about 25 officials or pseudo- officials came to each of us to clear us into Indonesia. Only a few of them boarded, everybody was well mannered and the paperwork went smoothly. :) At 3pm we had some flower leis and dancing show to welcome us into town. From there we were driven to a nearby beach day facility and had some welcoming speeches and a nice dinner buffet as well as music, dancing and we each got a nice wooden sculptured traditional boat made of ebony :) We wished you were here to receive the nice welcome as you well deserve it :) (...) We thank you all again for your wonderful hospitality and in organizing so many things in the background for this rally to be a success! We all were very impressed by the people in Samal and Davao City. I think Ocean View Marina has many very attractive facets to become a very popular marina and boatyard for the sailing/cruising community and I am sure you will see more and more yachts! We certainly look forward to seeing both of you again in a few months ... and have a long overdue serious haul out! from Robyn & Paul on SV Shiralee - September 2012 Dear Ellen and Kjartan. Thank you both for taking such good care of us at Oceanview and all the effort that went into the preparation for Sail Morotai 2012. We really appreciated everything especially with our entry and all the required paper work and officialdom. Your attention to detail is amazing and we were especially touched by the trio who serenaded us farewell. The party was great fun and we loved seeing the traditional dances. Thank you so much and also thank you to Chenee for all her support.  ----  Yesterday afternoon at 3pm we were officially welcomed to the island by the local government and people who had done so much preparation and organization with special ceremonies of welcome followed by a drive to a nearby beach for dinner, more entertainment and presentation of gifts to all cruisers. Luc from Sloepmouche has taken a video and will be putting it up on U-Tube. The only comment is that the anchorage is very confined and has very poor holding, consequently, a few of the yachts drifted. To obtain rupiah the local bank is opening this morning (Sunday) at 10am so those who require currency can obtain it…..this is truly a sign of goodwill and support. Best regards to everyone at Oceanview and once again, thank you for everything. We hope you and Kjartan can now take a well deserved rest.   © 2013-2016. Holiday Business Group. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notice. Come join us ! Will you be here with us soon ? You can read below some of the many unsolicited testimonials we received since the marina opened. If you like your own testimonial to be added, please email it to us! 07°11’94 N-125°42’ 74 E Note: the road is all paved now and it only take 15min to the ferry